Warrior Mountain WMA


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Warning ... There may be a lot of deer hunters out here during hunting season.
Take Route 51 South from I-68 (exit 43b) for about 12.4 miles. Turn left on East Wilson Road at the 2nd Opportunity where East Wilson is directly across from Opessa Road (reset odometer here; mile 0). Go approximately 2 miles and turn right on Ruby Road. Stay on Ruby when it veers to the right avoiding Levi road. Feel free to stop along the way but be aware that there is a lot of private property along the way. There are some good stops after you get through the woods where some smaller trees line the roads (approximately mile 4.5 - 4.8). I've found lots of warblers in these spots. One spring I found a Red-Headed Woodpecker. Driving along Ruby or Oliver Beltz Road can be a good way to spot a Ruffed Grouse. A good way to bird this area is to continue on Ruby until it ends at Oliver Beltz Road (mile 5.8). An option (at mile 6.8) is the left turn onto Spanish Leather Road (if your car can navigate this narrow road with lots of ruts). Bird the woods and fields in the WMA along this road. Then continue West on Oliver Beltz. If you need to, reset your odometer (0/6.8). At mile 2.3/9.1, there is another pull-off where you can bird the field and woods-edge. Then continue on. At mile 3.9/10.7, turn left onto Cresap Mill Road which completes the loop back to Route 51 in about 5 miles (mile 8.9/15.7).

39.605036 N, 78.602316 W
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Location Name: Warrior Mountain WMA
United States

39° 36' 18.1296" N, 78° 36' 8.3376" W