Town Hill


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This is probably the best Hawkwatching site in Western Maryland. There can be good flights of Broad-winged Hawks in mid to late September. Accipiters and Falcons arrive soon after that, buteos like Red-tailed and Red-shouldered Hawks start moving through. The site is best known for the numbers of Golden Eagles seen later in the Fall (very late October and throughout November). In Northwest Winds viewing is usually best on the lawn just west of the parking lot and the raptors fly over the roof of the hotel heading west or head on. In Northeast Winds viewing is often better from the parking lot with birds flying mostly overhead or occasionally moving through the valley to the east. Lucky visitors may see some winter finches such as Pine Siskins, Purple Finches, or possibly even Red Crossbills or Evening Grosbeaks. It is also a spot where we have seen migrant Red-headed Woodpeckers. The Town Hill Hotel is a Bed and Breakfast style hotel.

39.6978013 N, 78.4010875 W
at the Town Hill Hotel
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Location Name: Town Hill
United States

39° 41' 52.0836" N, 78° 24' 3.9168" W