Snaggy Mountain Area


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The Snaggy Mountain Area is part of the Garrett State Forest. Snaggy Mountain Road goes through woodlands and brings you to a couple of interesting wetland areas behind Herrington Manor State Park. It is a good spot for Canada Warblers, Blue-headed Vireos, Rose-breasted Grosbeak, and Least Flycatcher.

Its best to have a map of the area. From Cranesville Road, take Snaggy Mountain Road to the West. The road actually goes south for most of the length that you travel but also heads slightly west. Either turn around and go back “the way you came” to Cranesville Road or turn left at the end of the road and left again onto Hutton Road (travelling into Preston County, WV for a bit). Hutton Road takes you to Oakland, MD.

39.498068 N,-79.454147 W
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39° 29' 53.0448" N, 79° 27' 14.9292" W