Piney Reservoir


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Piney Reservoir can be a wonderful birding spot for waterfowl in the Spring and Fall. Occasionally in late summer the water level dwindles and you can get shorebirds in the exposed mud. Good birds that have occured here are Greater White Fronted Goose, Northern Shrike, and a Sandhill Crane that was in the cornfields just beyond the reservoir. We routinely find birds like Bald Eagle, Osprey, Merlin, Common Loon etc.

Piney Reservoir is a great spot to hit after visiting Finzel Swamp or when travelling into Garrett County on I-68. You take the Finzel Exit and go straight across the Finzel Road (if coming from the East). That service road is also the exit back onto I-68 heading west but instead of taking the exit you go straight across onto the Piney Reservoir Road and follow it back and then on down the hill to the reservoir.

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