Paw Paw Tunnel (C&O Canal)


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This spot is often good for Yellow-throated and Cerulean Warblers. There should also be Orchard and Baltimore Orioles in the area. This site is about as far out Route 51 as you can go before you enter Paw Paw West Virginia. The tunnel was built to allow the canal to bypass steep terrain near the river.Its worth looking at the tunnel which is North of the parking area (walk away from Route 51 rather than passing back under it). It is 3,118 feet long. Walking through the tunnel, I have been fooled by the light at the end. The light at the end gets larger as you go but when I look back the way I came, I'm often surprised at how far I still have left to go.

39.5447159 N, 78.4605145 W
at the Parking Spot
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Site Location: 
Location Name: Paw Paw Tunnel
United States

39° 32' 40.9776" N, 78° 27' 37.854" W