Meadows Lake & Campground


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A large-ish lake with camping facilities. The best policy is to ask permission at
the house by the gate. The owners have always been friendly to birders. You can fish here
for an extra $5.00. The gate is typically open after April 15th and you can drive around the perimeter of the lake when the gate is open. When the gate is closed it is possible to park on the east side of the road and scope things out from there (be careful as there isn't much shoulder here and traffic moves rapidly along this road).

DIRECTIONS: From the East take I-68 West (about 10 miles from Frostburg) to exit 22 (US-219 N) and turn left at Chestnut Ridge Road. Go about 0.8 miles to the entrance to the lake on the left.

39.67982 N, 79.108043 W
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Location Name: Meadows Lake & Campground
United States

39° 40' 47.352" N, 79° 6' 28.9548" W