Finzel Swamp


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This is a Nature Conservancy Preserve. It’s a great spot for Rails (Sora and Virginia). King Rail and American Bittern have occasionally been reported from here. In the spring there are breeding Swamp Sparrows, Northern Waterthrushes and (in some years) Alder Flycatchers. Ruffed Grouse are often heard drumming from the parking lot. In the Fall, it’s a great spot for finding Lincoln’s Sparrows (Late September – Early October). Rusty Blackbirds are findable in October and November. Ray Kiddy found a Northern Shrike here in late 2001 that was re-located in the swamp on a snag. Olive-sided Flycatchers have occasionally been found perched on those snags on September mornings.

39.700253 N, 78.945587 W
parking lot
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Location Name: Finzel Swamp
United States

39° 42' 0.9108" N, 78° 56' 44.1132" W