Dan's Rock


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The overlook provides a scenic view of the Potomac River Valley.
Park here and walk around near the towers. Common Warblers are Black and White, Chestnut-sided, and Cerulean. Its a good spot to see Common Ravens. Hawk migration ranges from very dull to very good.

To get there take Route 36 about 3.7 miles south of I-68 and turn left at the brown sign for Dan's Rock Overlook (Paradise Road; look also for the McMahon's Nursery sign). Paradise Road paralells Route 36. Go 1/10th of a mile and turn left onto Old Dan's Rock Road. Follow Old Dan's Rock Road about 3.0 miles to the summit and overlook.

39.582068 N, 78.897787 W
The Overlook
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Location Name: Dan's Rock
United States

39° 34' 55.4448" N, 78° 53' 52.0332" W